frequently asked questions

blue bullet  Can a individual believe in Creationism and Evolution at the same time?


blue bullet  NO.  We cannot, and if a person says he/she can then they are not speaking as someone who has any understanding of God's Word or will.  What are some of the concepts of evolution?

1.  Evolution accepts pagan philosophers in preference
                           to the triune Godhead and the Bible.
                      2.  Evolution rejects the idea of biblical creation by a
                           supreme God.  Forces of nature become the author
                           of all creation.  However, where did the forces come
                      3.  Evolution insist man was not created by God in His
                           image but man rather sprang from a monkey.
                      4.  Evolution rejects the fact that mankind is sinful and
                           needs Yeshua and His salvation.
                      5.  Evolution serves the God of science and self.
                      6.  Evolution teaches all life ends at death and there is
                           no God and therefore no hereafter. 
                      7.  Evolution does not believe that Yeshua came to earth,
                           suffered and died on the cross shedding His innocent
                           blood for the redemption of mankind to make a way
                           for human beings to escape an eternal lake of fire
                           through faith in the work of Yeshua's sacrifice.   

If any individual would rather think that earth and all life therein is the result of some mysterious cosmic force that produced all that universally exist, and they themselves progressively developed from a monkey or some other prehistoric creature, with no eternal destiny, may God have mercy on their ignorant souls.       

                           True Messianics believe the following:

                      1.  Man was created by God in His image.
                      2.  The Bible is the inerrant, eternal  Word of God.
                      3.  God created and creates through His Word, Yehsua,
                           all things that exist or ever will exist throughout 
                      4.  Christians believe that Yeshua is God's only begotton
                           Son and His sacrifice the plan of salvation for all
                           those who will believe His Word and work (Matthew
                           1:21; John 3:18; Romans 5:1; II Corinthians 5:17;
                           Ephesians 2:8-9).
                      5.  Christians believe that Yeshua triumphantly rose from
                            the dead after His crucifixion and ascended up to 
                            heaven to sit at the right hand of God the Father and
                            will soon return for His children where we will live and
                            reign with Him forever (John 6:51; Revelation 22:5).
                      6.  Christians believe that all have sinned and come short
                            of the glory of God.  Thus, all mankind must accept by 
                            faith Yeshua's sacrifice in order to be saved.

Science itself has proven that in accordance with the laws of nature that nothing reproduces anything greater than itself.  In God's creative acts of Genesis He declares no less than 10 times that everything was to bring forth after its own kind.  To that end, no monkey has ever brought forth a man or woman.  Cosmic evolution, or the Big Bang Theory, teaches that the universe was created as a result of fragmentary matter following the collision of solar materials.  This theory however leaves even more questions unanswered in determining where the solar materials for the big bang originated.  

The only sensible and rational solution is to believe that a supreme God with all power created all things and this God chooses to communicate with His created beings.  Therefore, as the weaker vessels it is incumbent upon us as human beings to search out who God is, what we must do in order to please Him, and what His rewards are for obedience to His Word.