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 blue bullet     The Original Hebrew Scriptures  Bible  and New Testament are the
        inspired and inerrant Word of God.  All traditional Hebrew text is
        acceptable only where it can be authenticated by the Word of God. 
        We do not believe in Translational Inerrancy and Infallibility.  No
        translation is 100% correct and perfect. Only the Bible as it was
        written in the original Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek is perfect,
        inerrant, and infallible!  There is no perfect English translation.
        There is no such a thing as a perfect translation.  Many English
        translations come close, but no translation is completely perfect,
        inerrant, and infallible.

 blue bullet     There is One and only One God who is the creator of all things in
        heaven and earth.  He is eternal, and is manifested in Three Separate
        but Distinctive Persons; God the Father, God the Son, and God the
        Holy Spirit (Godhead).

 blue bullet     Yeshua is and was eternal and existed as a distinct person of the
        Triune Godhead before He became a man. 

 blue bullet     Jesus (Yeshua) was born a man of a Jewish virgin named Mary, and
        was conceived through and by the Spirit of God. 

 blue bullet     Yeshua is God and is the Messiah that was spoken of by the Hebrew
        Scriptures and prophets.

blue bullet     Yeshua was perfect and sinless as a man.  

 blue bullet     Yeshua gave His life a ransom so that man could be saved and escape
        eternal damnation.  

 blue bullet     Man is born a sinner by nature and is unable by his own works to
       redeem himself to God.  We therefore are saved by grace through
       faith in Yeshua only.  

 blue bullet     All who believe in their heart Jesus is the Son of God and will confess
        their sins to God (not to man) and accept Yeshua as their personal
        Lord and Savior will be forgiven of their sins and inherit eternal life
        after death.

 blue bullet    
We believe that Eph. 2:8 is our own personal Faith and not God's gift
        of Faith - God's Grace and Gift is the "Plan of Salvation" itself.

 blue bullet     To be saved one must continue in faith until the end.  
 blue bullet     Satan, Demons, and Hell are real.  Losing one's soul is to be eternally
        separated from God in an eternal lake of fire.  
 blue bullet     The Hebrew people are God's chosen people, and God will not fail to
        honor His promises regarding both the Jews and the land of Israel.

 blue bullet     We believe that Israel's blessed hope is the Lord Jesus' personal,
        return to resurrect and rapture the Church (no seven years Pre-Tib.
        Rapture) and introduce the millennial age. All Jews will then be
        restored to their own land and the earth will then be full of the
        knowledge of the Lord.

 blue bullet     We endeavor via the Internet smallfastglobe.gif (7996 bytes) to communicate to all Jews in the
        State of Israel regarding the necessity of accepting Yeshua as their
        personal Lord and Savior.

 blue bullet     We wish to offer a collective and exhaustive resource of scriptural
        Hebrew prophecies regarding the previous coming of the Messiah
        (Jesus Christ, Yeshua) to Israel. 

 blue bullet     We hope to encourage all Jewish people in the State of Israel who
        have accepted Yeshua as their personal Lord and Savior to become a
        faithful and supporting member of a local Spirit Filled Church