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This is a brief history of how Shalach Ministries became designated as an outreach to the unbelieving Jews in the State of Israel.  Shalach is the Biblical Hebrew word for SENT.

On July 23, 1977 I married a woman in which I loved very much and hoped to spend the remainder of my life.  At this time I was an unknowledgeable sinner and had little concern for a Christian identity.  Even though I had been raised in a strong Christian home and my wife's father was a Baptist Minister of some 40 plus years, this seemed to have little to no effect at all on my futuristic  plans.

However, during the summer of that same year something very mysterious happened to me one night while lying in bed asleep.  My wife and I were living in an old 1959 model mobile home that was approximately 9 feet wide and 46 feet long.  What a palace it was.  There was a problem with the back door, which I had recently installed, that was located adjacent to our bedroom.  Due to a poor installation, it had a tendency to pop open in the middle of the night.

Thus, one night as I partially aroused from slumber I recall seeing the door had once again popped open.  It was at this point that I, within my mind, said, "Help us Lord".  Immediately, some mysterious and indescribable electrical force overtook my being.  While the force by no means hurt me, I was frightened and unable to move or to speak.  Within a matter of seconds,  just as immediate as it came, the feeling subsided.  I had never experienced anything like this before in all of my life.  

Seeing I had no way of explaining what had happened to me, and that most people would think my past had finally caught up with me, I said nothing of the incident to anyone and continued my sinful existence.  Then a year or so following my father-in-law bought my wife and I a Bible for Christmas.  Thanks...  As far as I was concerned I would rather have had the money.

Although, slowly but surely as I became more committed to a sane and peaceable coexistence with my wife, who was very stable and value oriented, I began to sample small readings of Bible Scriptures.  This sampling grew and I began to understand that there had to be some divine creator who was responsible for all things in existence.  Still a sinner, as I grew in faith and knowledge I began fasting and praying, while asking God what the purpose of our human existence on this earth was all about. 

Then, on March 3, 1984, Saturday at 2:51 a.m., I was awakened and once again experienced the same electrical force I had felt some years earlier.  However, this time it was accompanied by a voice that spoke of its own accord, within my mind and said, "We live to be possessed by the Holy Ghost", and immediately following the voice the feeling subsided.  It was then that I realized, for a certainty, there is a God and He has a plan for our lives if we will only yield our free-will unto Him. 

On April 15, 1984 my wife and I happily gave our lives to Yeshua the Lord and were baptized by her father in a place known as the East Lynn Lake.

As I continued searching and consuming God's Word I learned that the power that had touched my body and soul, during the above described experiences, was the Spirit of God.  As I endeavored to learn more of God's plan for me and my wife, I continued on many different occasions to fast and pray.  Then, without warning, on August 26, 1986 at 12:15 p.m. the Spirit of God moved upon my heart and directed me to read Ezekiel chapters 2 & 3.  This was my first impression of a futuristic mission to God's chosen people, the Jews of Israel.  

As I grew in faith in my walk with our Lord Yeshua, in ways that were unimaginable to me, I received another vision and a touch of God's Spirit without expectation, on October 1, 1986 in the early morning hours while still in bed.  I saw within my mind, located to the right, a printed electronic circuit board with all of its corresponding electrical components, where a small tan, brown, elongated oval, stood out above the others.  To the left of my view were three of the older analog reel-to-reel tape recorders.  Then a self determining voice said, "We need here a Great Communicator"

As I pondered on what I had seen and heard, I ask God to give me an understanding of what this vision meant.  I  fasted and prayed, then suddenly, on November 3, 1986 in the early morning hours while I was still asleep in bed, I experienced another vision and a touch by the Spirit of God.  Within my mind I saw a man in a navy blue, police officer uniform, with three golden stripes on his coat sleeve (v-shaped) pointing downward.  There was no background behind this officer of the law.  I mentally said to the officer, "If a man is sick he should see a doctor" and immediately the Spirit responded and said, 
I sure wish we had you here".  

As time has gone by, I now understand that the Great Communicator is not me, but the method of communication, the Officer is a symbol of Judaism, and the needed doctor is not a medical physician, but a Teacher of God's Word.  It is with faith in the blood atonement of Yeshua and His above described communications that this electronic, teaching, website is now designed and made available to the Jews in the State of Israel.

Thus, from this vision Shalach Ministries (
sent ministries) was born.

Pray For The Peace Of Jerusalem.