Holy Spirit

 flying dove

Who Is The Holy Spirit?

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It would be impossible to completely define who the Holy Spirit is and His actions during the eons of  time. The following is but a brief  insight into what Scripture describes as the Spirit of God. 

The Holy Spirit is not only a person but is also a deity!  He is the third person of  the Godhead-The Trinity.  However, this does not mean He is only one-third God, nor one third of God. God is one God
(Deut. 6:4), yet He is externally self-existing in three distinct persons: The Father, The Son, and The Holy Ghost.

Each person is fully God and an individual person within Himself.  Yeshua is God, the Father is God, and the Holy Spirit is God. Because all three members of the Godhead are God they infer infinite knowledge, infinite love, infinite mercy, and infinite justice with all three always in eternal complete agreement on all things. 

Thus, each person of the Trinity is in universal unity with the other. Please note that the terminology of Holy Spirit and Holy Ghost mean exactly the same thing. The Holy Spirit is invisible, distinct, eternal, omniscient and omnipresent.
His relationship with God the Father is referred to as the Spirit of God (1st Cor. 3:16). In Isaiah 61 He is called the Spirit of the Lord Jehovah. The Holy Spirit is referred to by many names throughout Biblical Scriptures such as the Spirit of Judgment, the Spirit of Burning, the Spirit of Grace and Supplication, the Spirit of Truth, etc...

There are several symbols used in Scripture to represent the Holy Spirit. These are only symbols and in no way are the Holy Spirit Himself. The dove, oil, living waters, wind, and fire all suggest a characteristic image of the Holy Spirit. 

In conclusion, the many names and symbols for the Holy Spirit reveal much of His divine nature and activities. The Holy Spirit does the work of God the Father and God the Son (Yeshua). 

After Yeshua was crucified and returned to the Father He sent the Holy Spirit to serve as a
comforter and guide, to all those who through faith in His name (Yeshua), on this earth, are being prepared to live in He and His Father's eternal kingdom.