Book of Amos

Written in Palestine about 824-810 B.C. The book declares God's message of judgment upon various nations, Gentiles and Jews, because of their sins and rebellion against Him; the controversy between God and Israel; how Israel could avert judgment; and the final restoration of the nation under their Messiah. The prophet's main purpose is to show how God deals with sin, sending judgment upon all people who sin, whether Jews or Gentiles. He is careful to explain why judgment would come upon each nation. In particular He makes it clear to Israel that even though they are chosen and blessed as God's people, they would not escape His judgment. The prophet points out the backslidings of the nation and states in detail God's case against them. The whole house of Israel, not ten tribes or two tribes only, were at that time facing complete destruction if they did not amend their ways (Amos 2:4-9:10). Regardless of these plain warnings of immediate judgment, Israel continued in sin and rebellion until it was necessary for God to keep His word concerning the destruction of the nation. Amos finishes his book with a note of encouragement: Israel was to be completely regathered and restored; and the nation was to be blessed under the Messiah (Amos 9:11-15).


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God would blacken the sky during Jesus' crucifixion.

Amos 8:9

Matthew 27:45-46

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