Book of Ecclesiastes

The book was written in Palestine about 1,000 B.C.  The book records Solomon's reasoning "under the sun" while he was in a backslidden condition. See notes on  Eccles. 1:3; Eccles. 2:10-22; Eccles. 3:18-22; and Eccles. 7:23. The word Ecclesiastes is taken from "The Preacher" in the Septuagint (Eccles. 1:1). It means "one who convenes or addresses an assembly."  The book shows the utter fallacy that earthly sins, pleasures, and pursuits are the chief end in life and the source of happiness; and to show the final conclusion of the whole of life—to fear God and keep His commandments if one would live forever with Him. That is, true religion is the chief thing in life and the only eternally rewarding thing of all.


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