Book of Esther

The records of the events of Esther were no doubt kept in the chronicles of the kings of Media and Persia (Esther 2:21-23; Esther 6:1-3; Esther 10:2); and the compilation of the facts in book form was perhaps done in Shushan palace, or Susa, the ancient capital of Persia (Neh. 1:1; Esther 1:1-2), about 516-506 B.C.  The theme and purpose of the book was to show the great deliverance of the Jews from extermination during the time of the Babylonian captivity, and to reveal by whom and how the great deliverance of the Jews in all lands came about; to record the institution of the feast of Purim; and to reveal the historical background of the liberator of the Jews from captivity—Cyrus, the son of Esther and Darius the Mede.


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