Book of Isaiah: pg. 2

Written in Palestine about 792-722 B.C. Isaiah is a miniature of the Bible, having 66 chapters corresponding with the 66 books: 39 chapters in the first section dealing with law and judgment, corresponding with the message of the 39 books of the O.T.; 27 chapters in the second section, corresponding with the 27 books of the N.T. both in number and message of comfort and salvation through Christ. The theme of the first section is one of coming judgment upon Israel and captivity because of sin and apostasy; judgment on many Gentile nations; and the latter-day restoration of Israel under their Messiah. The theme of the last section is one of mercy, comfort, and eternal restoration under the Messiah. The purpose of the book is to make God's message clear to Israel; to warn them of judgment for persisting in sin; and to reveal the final dealings of God with them in complete restoration under their Messiah forever (Isaiah 9:6-7; Isaiah 11:10-12; Isaiah 66:22-24).


OT Scripture

NT Fulfillment

The Messiah would be the cornerstone.

Isaiah 28:16

1 Peter 2:4-6

The Messiah would heal the blind.

Isaiah 35:5a

Mark 10:51-52
John 9:1-7

The Messiah would heal the deaf.

Isaiah 35:5b

Mark 7:32-35

The Messiah would heal the lame.

Isaiah 35:6a

Matthew 12:10-13
John 5:5-9

The Messiah would heal the dumb.

Isaiah 35:6b

Matthew 9:32-33
Matthew 15:30

The forerunner (John The Baptist) of the Messiah would live in the wilderness.

Isaiah 40:3a

Matthew 3:1-4

The forerunner (John The Baptist) would prepare people for the coming of the Messiah.

Isaiah 40:3b

Matthew 3:11
Luke 1:17

John 1:29
John 3:28

The Messiah would be God.

Isaiah 40:3c

John 10:30
Philippians 2:5-7

The Messiah would be as a shepherd.

Isaiah 40:11

John 10:11
Mark 9:36-37

The Messiah would be God's messenger.

Isaiah 42:1a

John 4:34
John 5:30

The Messiah would have the Spirit of God upon Him.

Isaiah 42:1b

Matthew 3:16-17

The Messiah would please God.

Isaiah 42:1c

Matthew 3:16-17

The Messiah would not desire personal attention for Himself.

Isaiah 42:2

Matthew 12:15-21

The Messiah would have compassion for the poor and needy.

Isaiah 42:3

Matthew 11:4-5
Matthew 12:15-20

The Messiah would receive direction from God.

Isaiah 42:6a

John 5:19-20
John 14:10-11

The Messiah would be ministered to by God.

Isaiah 42:6b

John 8:29
Luke 22:42-43

The Messiah would be the "New Covenant".

Isaiah 42:6c

Matthew 26:28

The Messiah would be a light to the Gentiles.

Isaiah 42:6d

John 8:12

The Messiah would heal the blind.

Isaiah 42:7

Matthew 9:27-30
Matthew 21:14

The Messiah would be the "First and the Last".

Isaiah 44:6

Revelation 1:17-18

The Messiah would be from everlasting.

Isaiah 48:16

John 17:24

The Messiah would come for all people.

Isaiah 49:1a

1 Timothy 2:4-6

The Messiah would be called by God while in the womb.

Isaiah 49:1b

Matthew 1:20-21

The Messiah would be called by His name before he was born.

Isaiah 49:1c

Luke 1:30-31

The Messiah's words would be as a sharp as a two-edged sword.

Isaiah 49:2a

Revelation 2:12-16 John 12:48

The Messiah would be protected by God.

Isaiah 49:2b

Matthew 2:13-15

The Messiah would be empowered for the judgment of mankind.

Isaiah 49:2c

John 5:22-29

The Messiah would be God's servant.

Isaiah 49:3a

John 17:4

The Messiah's life and death would glorify God.

Isaiah 49:3b

Matthew 15:30-31

The Messiah would be sorrowful because of the Jew's unbelief.

Isaiah 49:4

Luke 19:41-42

The Messiah would be God's servant.

Isaiah 49:5a

John 6:38
John 8:29

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