Book of Job

The events of Job took place in the latter part of the 430-year period of the Dispensation of Promise. Judging from this and the time of the birth of Jacob's sons (see Four Proofs Jacob Took His Wives Immediately), we suppose that Job died about 15 years before the exodus from Egypt. This is based on the supposition that Issachar was born to Jacob when he was about 90 years old, and Job was born to Issachar when he was about 20. Job was around 70 when he experienced his trial, and he lived 140 years after that (Job 42:16). We can say that the time of the events of his testing period was about 1845 b.c. If the book was written during the last 140 years of Job's life, the date of writing was probably 1843-1703 B.C. The events took place in the land of Uz.  There are so many wonderful lessons in the book of Job that it is almost impossible to single out one particular theme, other than to say that is a treatise on human sufferings—its effects upon the sufferer and his friends, and reasonings about why these things happen to godly people. Job also reveals the roles of Satan and God in human suffering.  The main purpose is to shed light on human sufferings of calamities and sicknesses, record the reasonings of ordinary men concerning these experiences, identify Satan as the author of such misery, teach patience (James 5:10), and reveal God as the Deliverer of His people when He is called upon to help in time of need.


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Yeshua would stand at the latter day upon earth.

Job 19:25-27

John 5:24-29

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