Book of Numbers

The Book of Numbers was written by Moses in the plains of Moab by Jordan near Jericho (36:13), just before the Israelite's entrance into Canaan.  The book is intended to reveal the two great numberings of the orders of the children of Israel.  One occurred the 2nd. year after the exodus and the other took place at the end of the wilderness experience immediately before their entrance into Canaan.  There was about a span of 38 years between the two numberings.  There are several new laws recorded just prior to the children's entrance into Canaan.
Prophecies: OT Scripture NT Fulfillment

The Messiah's bones would not be broken during crucifixion.

Numbers 9:12

John 19:32-33

The Messiah would be God's "Star."

Numbers 24:17

Revelation 22:16

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