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                                     Power Through Prayer

Prayer is the foundation key to seeing God's power become active in your daily life.  It is PRAYER in the name
of Yeshua by which God has established as the instrument of entry into His omnipotent presence and infinite mercies.

The Bible is replete with great men and women of God who had their lives and the countless lives of others
unforgettably and forever changed through the earnest application of prayer. 

There is no way that this website could ever disclose all the information pertaining to prayer and its results on
mankind.  As such, we will only endeavor to discuss a few of  the most notable examples:
          Abraham..............Prayer:    Prayed  for a child
                                                     And Abram said, LORD God, what
                                                     wilt thou give me, seeing I go
                                                     childless, and the steward of my 
                                                     house is this Eliezer of  Damascus?
                                                     Genesis 15:2
And the LORD visited Sarah as he 
                                                     had spoken.  For Sarah conceived,
                                                     and bare Abraham a son in his old
                                                     age, at the set time of which God
                                                     had spoken to him.  And Abraham
                                                     called the name of his son that was
                                                     born unto him, whom Sarah bare to
                                                     to him, Isaac.  Genesis 21:1-3 
           Moses................Prayer:     Moses prayed for God's grace
                                                     Remember Abraham, Isaac, and
                                                     Israel, thy servants, to whom thou
                                                     swarest by thine own self, and saist
                                                     unto them, I will multiply your seed
                                                     as the stars of heaven, and all this
                                                     land that I have spoken of will I 
                                                     give unto your seed, and they shall
                                                     inherit it for ever.  Exodus 32:13
Nevertheless he regarded their 
                                                     affliction, when he heard their cry;
                                                     And he remembered for them his
                                                     covenant, and repented according 
                                                     to the multitude of his mercies.
                                                     Psalm 106:44-45
           Yeshua...............Prayer:    Jesus prays for His Disciples
                                                     Neither pray I for these alone,
                                                     but for them also (
Us) which
                                                     shall believe on me through their
                                                     word:  St. John 17:20 
All those who believe are still being
                                                     saved today by the atonement work
                                                     and prayers of Yeshua