Calvinism,  FREE WILL vs. FREE CHOICE and Eternal Tethering



If ALL mankind is devoid of individual Free-Will, and therefore one man is PREDESTINED (Made) of God to Eternal Life, while another is PREDESTINED (Made) of God to Sin and Eternal Damnation, then God would indeed be the author and creator of both RIGHTEOUSNESS and UNRIGHTEOUSNESS - Eternal Life and Eternal Death.

If God PREDESTINES (Makes) UNRIGHTEOUS Vessels of Wrath...then why are those who are made to be "objects of His wrath" in this life, still judged in His 'JUDGMENT'?

We as individuals are 'Formed' and 'Fashioned' by God in direct response to how we exercise our individual God GIVEN Free-Wills in Faith Believing, of and towards His Word.

I do not know how much more clear God would have to make it to men, than the CONDITIONAL REQUIREMENT of FAITH regarding INITIAL Salvation (New Birth), other than in Acts 16:30. 

In the below cited Passages, when Apostle Paul and Silas had been thrown into jail for their FAITH, and while they were singing praises unto God, a great earthquake fell, shaking the very foundations of the prison where they were being kept.  The KEEPER of the prison, seeing that the doors of the prison and all prisoner bands had been loosed, drew out his own sword and MADE the CHOICE to COMMIT SUICIDE, except for the CRY of Apostle Paul. 

As such, calling for a light and thrusting himself into where Paul and Silas were imprisoned, the Keeper fell down TREMBLING before them, from the fear of the majestic events that he had just experienced,  He thus brought Paul and Silas out and asked the ALL important question, "WHAT MUST I DO TO BE SAVED?"

Please note the use of the greek words in this Passage, dei (G1163) translated as
MUST, the personal pronoun I (G3165 - me), and poieo DO, (G4160).   

To this end, the KEEPER wanted to know what ACTION he himself, NOT GOD or PREDESTINATION of the ELECT, MUST DO in order to be SAVED, with Paul and Silas declaring Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou shalt be SAVED...   

Therefore, the doctrine of Calvinism with respect to one's SALVATION teaches that subsequent to and because of the 'Original Sin' mankind has NO Free-Will, but only Free-Choice.  Thus, subsequent to the original sin of Adam and Eve ALL mankind 'forever' inherently surrendered their Free-Wills.  As such, being in an ABSOLUTELY morally depraved cognitive condition, ALL mankind therefore, respective to their initial Salvation, became an ABSOLUTE helpless Slave to Sin, forever unable to morally and cognitively make or effect ANY decision (FAITH BELIEVING) on their OWN behalf, that could ever free them from their inherited ABSOLUTE Slavery to Sin.  

To this end, Calvinism teaches that being UNABLE, because of their inherent absence of FREE-WILL, it is the SOLE and individual work of God's GRACE, to initiate the act of Salvation upon and for helpless and morally depraved man.  However, this AUTOMATIC initiation of individual Salvation into the Body of Christ, is subject to God's personal CHOICE...ELECTION, SELECTION and individual CAPTURE.  Even though, in Rom. 2:11 Paul declares God to be NO respecter of persons.   

Meanwhile, the doctrine of Eternal Security augments the INITIAL Act of God's Elective and Selective individual Salvation by declaring and mandating, that subsequent to the INITIAL MOMENT of the 'New Birth' in Christ, that the SAVED individual is FOREVERMORE Secure in Christ, and that their individual SALVATION 'tether' between them and God can NEVER be severed for ANY condition or cause. 

So what can we say so far up to this point according to this doctrine?  The ELECTED and INITIALLY SAVED individual themselves has had ABSOLUTELY NO VOLUNTARY moral cognitive INPUT whatsoever, with respect to their personal and individual Salvation, because they have NO Free-Wills and are morally and cognitively inherently UNABLE to free themselves from the ABSOLUTE bondage of Sin.  Thus, they have been INVOLUNTARILY PREDESTINED... Elected and Selected by God for their Salvation participation. 

However, PREDESTINED ELECTION by God respective to individual 'initial' Salvation becomes EXTREMELY 'blasphemous' with respect to the Work of the Cross.  Why?  If individual initial' Salvation is the 'sole' work of God the Father, then to what EFFECT is individual FAITH and the work of the Cross? 

Moreover, they are also, subsequent to their initiation into the Salvation Community, incapable and powerless to EVER sever their Salvation TETHER between them and God, even if they wanted to.  They have NO Choice nor Voice in their TETHERED condition nor their Eternal Destination. 

Therefore, as negative as it may seem, in all technical reality the ABSOLUTE Slave of one Master has now become the INVOLUNTARY CAPTURED property and ABSOLUTE Slave of another Master. 

I will make this scenario a bit more understandable by referring to a literal analogy.  I am sitting and watching a flock of birds eat, play and go about their daily business of life.  However, I make the personal CHOICE to ELECT and SELECT one of them to become an INVOLUNTARY (no Free-Will) CAPTURE and Slave participant to my personal objective...  In doing so I place and tie a elongated TETHER around the birds leg and thereafter release it.  While the bird still has the cognitive ability to make Free Choices and get on with a now limited life, it has NO ABSOLUTE Free-Will, because it is NOW subject to and restrained by the INVOLUNTARY TETHER around its leg...for which it CANNOT Sever nor ever be absolutely Free from. 

Therefore, the bird had NO Free-Will regarding its CAPTURE and NO Choice nor Voice in its subsequent TETHERING...for all intents and purposes it and its destiny is an ABSOLUTE Slave to the one who holds the POWER of the TETHER. 

If the above doctrine of Calvinism and Eternal Security is indeed TRUE, then Jn. 3:16 spoken by Jesus is UNTRUE...  Jesus declared that EVERYONE who individually BELIEVES in Him shall have Eternal Life and not perish.  However, if a man has NO FREE-WILL and ability to BELIEVE in such a capacity that he can impact or affect his own personal Salvation, but is rather initiated into God's Plan of Salvation by God's ABSOLUTE AUTHORITY and INVOLUNTARY CAPTURING (Predestination), he is indeed an ABSOLUTE and INVOLUNTARY Slave of Force.  Moreover, God's individual ELECTION and SELECTION with its ETERNAL TETHERING of the saved captured subject, mandates there is NO relevance, nor use, whatsoever to/for that individual's 'personal' FAITH and BELIEF and their Salvation with respect to Eternity.   

Therefore, Jn. 3:16 becomes UNTRUE.

Meanwhile, with respect to Matt. 22:14 and 26:16, "For MANY are CALLED but FEW are CHOSEN," how can MANY be CALLED if the PREDESTINED are the ONLY ones ELECTED/Made to be SAVED?  Likewise, Jesus declared in Lk. 10:2, "...The harvest is GREAT but the laborers are few, PRAY therefore that the Lord of the harvest will send laborers into the harvest."  If Jesus was not concerned that the potential harvest would spoil in the field, then why PRAY for more laborers?

If God PREDESTINES (Makes) UNRIGHTEOUS Vessels of Wrath...then why are those who are made to be "objects of His wrath" in this life, still judged in His 'JUDGMENT'?