Is Absolute Justification True




Cited below is a concern I have regarding your posted article entitled, OUR RIGHTEOUS STANDING THE DOCTRINE OF JUSTIFICATION - ...emphasis added. 

The righteousness that God credits to the believer’s account is an infinite righteousness.  We have been credited with the righteousness of Christ.  He is infinitely righteous.  He has not merely imputed a portion of His righteousness to our account.  Rather, the very nature of His character of complete righteousness has been credited to us.  We are regarded by God as having the very righteousness of Christ.”


“We are credited with the righteousness of Christ.  We are reckoned to be righteous.  On this basis, we are justified - declared to be righteous.  And for all eternity, God will treat us as though we were as righteous as Jesus Christ. 

Although, you qualify this ABSOLUTE RIGHTEOUSNESS by suggesting the following declaration... 

Now, this does not mean that I actually BECOME righteous when I believe in Christ.  If that were true, then no believer would ever sin and this just is not the case.  Rather, I am legally credited with the righteousness of Christ so that I can be legally declared to be righteous. 

To this end, your suggested ABSOLUTE CREDITED RIGHTEOUSNESS of the Believer at the Justification experience, that you have declared above, is an ENTITLEMENT that demands the Justified Believer’s CLAIM to ABSOLUTE RIGHTEOUSNESS for all PERPETUITY (infinitely).  

Therefore, per your theory, how can a Justified Believer have an irrevocable Entitlement CLAIM (a RIGHT) to ABSOLUTE RIGHTEOUSNESS and subsequently not be inherently ABSOLUTELY RIGHTEOUS themselves?  

This is analogous to implying that one has a UNLIMITED amount of money CREDITED to their personal bank account BUT they themselves are not rich, they are actually yet broke and a porper, even though they have an ABSOLUTE RIGHT of CLAIM to this unlimited wealth that has formally been CREDITED to their personal bank account.  

Is this not doublespeak? 

If what you suggest is indeed true, then God can NEVER again AFTER the Justification experience look upon this Justified Believer as SINNING...  These Justified individuals have become ABSOLUTELY ‘immune’ (inoculated) from ALL subsequent SINS – they have an ABSOLUTE CLAIM to ABSOLUTE RIGHTEOUSNESS.  Thus, God can NEVER AGAIN recognize their subsequent SINS as SIN - they have been DECREED ABSOLUTELY RIGHTEOUS FOREVER. 

Thus, where there is NO Law (condition) there can be NO Sin...the strength of Sin and its acknowledgement is in the Law (not the Mosaic Law) God’s Law – His DECREES.  Per your suggestion the Justified Believer has been DECREED by God to be INFINITELY RIGHTEOUS.   

However, these simple Passages are worrisome proverbial flies in the UNCONDITIONAL and ETERNAL ABSOLUTE Justification ointment – 1Jn. 1:9 – 10; 1 Jn. 2:3-4; Matt. 6:15; Jn. 14:15, et. al.

If God ABSOLUTELY FORGIVES ALL Sins at the Justification Experience as you have noted – PAST/present/FUTURE...then why does PAST Sins never again become part of any Sin Scriptural dialogue – while FUTURE Sins are called SINS, even though it is the SAME IMPUTED/APPROPRIATED Justified FORGIVENESS applied to each? 

In other words, if there is NO mention of PAST Sins because of the imputed ABSOLUTE FORGIVENESS then there likewise can be NO mention of FUTURE Sins as well.  If FUTURE Sins are to be counted as SIN then so must PAST Sins STILL be counted as Sin. 

It is the SAME suggested 100% Justification appropriated FORGIVENESS umbrella that each are said to be under – both PAST and FUTURE.  Thus, if there is NO remembrance of the one PAST Sin then there must equally be NO recognition of the other FUTURE Sin either.  They are ALL equally and absolutely FORGIVEN simultaneously at the SAME Justification experience. 

However, if God still recognizes the FUTURE Sins of the Justified Believer as SIN (i.e. 1Jn. 1:8) then He must also by logical reasoning still recognize the PAST Sins as Sin also – as stated, they are both allegedly said to be absolutely 100% FORGIVEN simultaneously at the Justification experience. 

1 John 1:8 (KJV)
8 If we say that we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us.

Thus, WHY then does God yet recognize the subsequent FUTURE Sins of the Justified Believer as SIN - BUT does not recognize their PAST Sins as any longer SIN? 

Therefore, ETERNAL UNCONDITIONAL Absolute Justification means there can be NO FUTURE SINS RECOGNIZED as SIN by God.
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